Japan Championship is a competition to decide the best athlete in Japan. To be eligible to compete, athletes must be registered to an affiliated box in Japan, or be registered to an affiliated box overseas with Japanese citizenship.






  • Masters athletes must be over 35 by 2019 July 7th.
  • Athletes over 35 may choose to compete in any of the 3 categories.
  • Athletes must select their category when they submit scores and make sure they have completed all of the appropriate workouts for their category.

Ex. Not Entry ×

  • Workout1 → Masters
  • Workout2 → Rx’d
  • Workout3 → Scaled

Online Qualifier

Qualify for FINAL and qualify online.

Online Qualifiers 2019

July 8th
Registration Opens

July 14th
Workout 1 Released

July 15th
Workouts 2 and 3 Released

August 4th 12:00 UTC+9
Athletes register 
Online Qualifier Score Submission Deadline

  • Box representatives must approve scores by August 5th 12:00 UTC+9.
  • Overseas athletes must submit all 3 workout videos by the submission deadline.
  • Registration for the Online Qualifiers is free.

Athletes Qualified Through Competition

Athletes may qualify for the FINALS through Online Qualifiers or by placing well in certain competitions in 2019.

Japan Championship 2019 Athletes Qualified Through Competition Placing

・Athletes listed here have qualified for the FINALS.

Please register Participation or non-participation,for the "FINALS" by 2019 July 18th 17:00 UTC+9.


To proceed to the FINALS athletes must provide workout videos for approval. Athletes who place well enough to proceed will receive an email asking for video submission. Please submit videos by the deadline.

Athletes who qualify for the FINALS will receive an invitation via email.Please respond to the invitation before the deadline written in the email.Athletes who fail to respond by the given deadline will lose their eligibility to compete in the FINALS and their spot will be given to the next highest placing athlete.

2019 December 7th & 8th

CrossFit Asia

5-37-26 Chibana, Okinawa-Shi, Okinawa

Total Number of Athletes

Men 35 Women 35

Men 7 Women 7

Men 7 Women 7

¥10,000 JPY